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A new and fresh museum concept, a meeting place, new crossovers within the cultural sector. In order to be able to continue to carry out our mission as a private museum (=no government funding) as well as possible, we are always looking for partners who would like to support us in this. This is possible as a private individual, but also as a business partner.

Business partners

Being open to unconventional collaborations, daring to color outside the (museum) lines; being slightly different. That is our strength and added value within the cultural sector. As a private museum, budgets are low but we have set the bar high for ourselves. Working smart and working hard with few people, that is a style characteristic of an venturous museum for us.
There are plenty of opportunities to support the Fotomuseum aan het Vrijthof as a business partner. From a multi-year collaboration, for example via a membership to our Vrijthof Club, to supporting a project once, or a 'tailor-made' collaboration. Are you interested in supporting us? Please contact us via

Private partners

As a private individual, there are also various ways to support the Fotomuseum aan het Vrijthof (financially). For example, you can become a Friend of the Museum, or buy a photo of Hans Rietveld to support us through our crowdfunding campaign. As a private individual you can also make a one-time donation. For more information you can go to the various options in the menu below, or you can contact us via


Buy art, support the museum

Click here for more information about the sales of photographs by the Fotomuseum.